Building a brand

We’ve been operating for almost a full year now and we’re quickly gaining ground on all the development work that’s happening behind the scenes – our newer and enhanced software is nearing completion!

As a celebration of our first birthday, we’re undergoing a rebranding. We thought we deserved a bit of a gift for a great first year and with the launch of our new software on the horizon, thought that a new look and feel would just add to the level of cool that Rocket brings to the table.

So as a bit of a time capsule, I present to you our first logo:

The old Rocket logo

This is the Rocket that carried us through our first year and I’m a little sorry to see her go. That said, upgrading your technology and aesthetics does go a long way towards improving the overall business and customer experience and I’m secretly quite excited about our new logo:

The new Rocket logo - small

The look, feel and colour scheme have all been updated, lending a sleeker image overall which helps accentuate the smooth process that Rocket provides as part of registration process. Fitting, no?

As we close in on our projected launch date and affix the finishing touches to our website and software, we’ll have a few more surprises to reveal. Stay tuned!

A new way of serving your needs

From start to finish, the registration of a company should be a relatively painless procedure. The only thing you really should have to worry about is whether your name is available and complies with the ASIC’s guidelines.

This includes everything from the initial order form you fill out on your supplier’s website, to the documents you receive back after ASIC has registered your company and the completed register delivered by the supplier.

Order Forms

A good order form will collect information relevant to forming the company, but may occasionally miss or skip asking certain things.

A great order form would step through each relevant section of the company registration process, gathering all the relevant data to ensure that nothing is missed and the company is registered correctly.

A great order form will gather data not only about the company itself, but about the package that the client wants to build and will tailor the final documents around those requirements.


By the same token, a good software package may transmit the information it has been given to ASIC and receive back the basic information needed to set the company up, leaving several more steps after registration to get the final documents produced.

A great software package will seamlessly integrate with the ASIC database, returning results virtually instantly, and will compile all the documents automatically based on the information entered at the start – no further steps required, the way it should be.

Exciting path ahead

This is what we have wanted for a long, long time and it is something we’re building. Not just for our clients, but for ourselves as well. Happy staff make for a happy customer experience and that is our endgame – ensuring our customers enjoy an easy, quick and accurate registration process.

But wait, there’s more!

Rocket Registrations isn’t just in the company game, no sir! We’re also reserving company names and providing discretionary (family) trust deeds, unit trust deeds and self-managed superannuation fund deeds.

Things are starting to get quite exciting behind the scenes here at Rocket HQ – we hope that what we build is going to blow you away!

Don’t like the tools at hand? Make your own!

Have you ever found yourself wanting to do something in your corporate affairs software, but find that it doesn’t have the functionality. Or if it does, it just doesn’t do it right?

Have you ever been trying to fill in an order form but find yourself inexplicably frustrated?

Are you looking for a way to order and maintain your company and trust information in a no-fuss, easy-to-navigate way? (This isn’t a sales pitch, I swear!)

Well, if you read our last blog update, you’ll get the feeling that we’ve been there as well!

Our team here at Rocket Registrations have worked with many product and software providers in the industry and each have left their own unique impression, often resulting in a feeling of, “I wish X would let me do Y” or “I hate filling in their order forms!”

With this very much at the top of our minds, we are working to get not only our ordering process to be the best available, but to also ensure our software and all its functionality will cater for our clients’ needs.

Did we get your attention there when we said “our software”? Haha, well, stay tuned because we’ll have more information on this very soon!

It all starts with an idea…

Albert Einstein is famously quoted for having said:

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

The creative power of the human mind is incredible and the room for innovation in almost any industry is vast. Exercising that potential is where a keen eye is required, spotting the need and filling it.

Take, for example, The Glif. A tripod “mount” for the iPhone 4.

From professional filmmakers wanting to capture a unique angle with their iPhone on the go, to amateur video bloggers making their daily video recordings, the Glif opened up a new range of options when it came to producing and consuming content through the iPhone.

The two guys that came up with the idea explain what it is and why they invented it on their Kickstarter* page. (Take note how much startup capital they raised compared to how much they were initially asking for! How’s that for satisfying an industry need?!)

In much the same way, the Rocket team have noticed the need for faster and more eco-conscious company and trust registrations.

To cater to this growing need, we are working on an idea that will not only speed up the registration process but will continue to provide the same level of excellence in our products and service that you have come to expect.

As the idea is still being worked on, I cannot say too much yet, but rest assured I will be back with another update very soon!

Kickstarter is a website where anyone with an idea can create a profile, set up their pitch and rely on the global community to back their project. Some people have even made over a million dollars from their Kickstarter campaigns to see their ideas come to fruition!