A new way of serving your needs

From start to finish, the registration of a company should be a relatively painless procedure. The only thing you really should have to worry about is whether your name is available and complies with the ASIC’s guidelines.

This includes everything from the initial order form you fill out on your supplier’s website, to the documents you receive back after ASIC has registered your company and the completed register delivered by the supplier.

Order Forms

A good order form will collect information relevant to forming the company, but may occasionally miss or skip asking certain things.

A great order form would step through each relevant section of the company registration process, gathering all the relevant data to ensure that nothing is missed and the company is registered correctly.

A great order form will gather data not only about the company itself, but about the package that the client wants to build and will tailor the final documents around those requirements.


By the same token, a good software package may transmit the information it has been given to ASIC and receive back the basic information needed to set the company up, leaving several more steps after registration to get the final documents produced.

A great software package will seamlessly integrate with the ASIC database, returning results virtually instantly, and will compile all the documents automatically based on the information entered at the start – no further steps required, the way it should be.

Exciting path ahead

This is what we have wanted for a long, long time and it is something we’re building. Not just for our clients, but for ourselves as well. Happy staff make for a happy customer experience and that is our endgame – ensuring our customers enjoy an easy, quick and accurate registration process.

But wait, there’s more!

Rocket Registrations isn’t just in the company game, no sir! We’re also reserving company names and providing discretionary (family) trust deeds, unit trust deeds and self-managed superannuation fund deeds.

Things are starting to get quite exciting behind the scenes here at Rocket HQ – we hope that what we build is going to blow you away!