Building a brand

We’ve been operating for almost a full year now and we’re quickly gaining ground on all the development work that’s happening behind the scenes – our newer and enhanced software is nearing completion!

As a celebration of our first birthday, we’re undergoing a rebranding. We thought we deserved a bit of a gift for a great first year and with the launch of our new software on the horizon, thought that a new look and feel would just add to the level of cool that Rocket brings to the table.

So as a bit of a time capsule, I present to you our first logo:

The old Rocket logo

This is the Rocket that carried us through our first year and I’m a little sorry to see her go. That said, upgrading your technology and aesthetics does go a long way towards improving the overall business and customer experience and I’m secretly quite excited about our new logo:

The new Rocket logo - small

The look, feel and colour scheme have all been updated, lending a sleeker image overall which helps accentuate the smooth process that Rocket provides as part of registration process. Fitting, no?

As we close in on our projected launch date and affix the finishing touches to our website and software, we’ll have a few more surprises to reveal. Stay tuned!