The stage is set! The time is nigh! The stockings are hung by the chimney…(wait, what?)

Rocket’s relaunch under our new colours and sporting our newer and enhanced software system is only a mere fortnight away! The excitement has built to near breaking point and we’re so very happy with how far we’ve come in our first year.

Not only are we gearing up to start running registrations and document preparation through our custom-built software, but we have a bunch of projects and ideas lined up for 2013 that we hope will be a real hoot.

The backbone of those plans lies in my hands and I am super excited to get started with it all: social media.

You’re already taking part in my social media plans by reading this blog, so already I’m ahead! :) The next step is to get you to join me out across the Internets!

If you have a Facebook profile, (and let’s face it, with over half the Australian population using the site, there’s a good chance you have one!), why not come along to our Facebook Page and join the conversation?

I’ll be posting there regularly with information relevant to our industry, specials when they crop up and other interesting little tidbits that I reckon would be cool to share. (Don’t worry, I won’t spam your news feeds!)

If Facebook isn’t your thing and you prefer a more one-on-one conversation style, why not hop on over to our Twitter Profile and follow us?

Twitter is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to converse with people in short, sharp bursts, eliminating any unnecessary distractions that other networks have surrounding the posts and getting you right to the heart of the discussion.

The list doesn’t end there, however! We have a whole range of social networks and plans for all of them! If you have yourself a profile on these sites, come along and connect with us. I’ll be sure to say hello back!

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