Blog Action Day 2012

Back in the office after a whirlwind weekend at the ProBlogger Training Event and my mind is buzzing with ideas for how to take Rocket forward in the social space, both on and offline.

One of the biggest things I took away was a sense of and emphasis on a word that is steadily becoming a bit of a mantra for me: Community. Everything from local communities to our world as a whole, we’re all in this together!

A community is much more than just the people who make it up. It’s our actions and motivations and desires. It’s how we interact with each other, how we uplift each other and support our mutual growth.

Working together is key to a sustainable community and something that I feel many of us do well.

Connecting Communities

I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephen from World Vision at the ProBlogger conference, discussing the work that bloggers do each year by leveraging their audiences and influence to help spread word about the work that World Vision does and the communities they are helping.

It’s an amazing concept: bloggers getting the chance to visit these communities and writing about their experiences. It presents an excellent opportunity to get involved in directly supporting the communities in need and seeing first-hand the work that World Vision does.

Another amazing concept was “Do it in a dress”, a fundraising initiative dreamt up by the charity organisation One Girl.

Though I didn’t get to speak with her myself, Chantelle Baxter stood up the front of the room in a school uniform during the keynote talk on Friday morning and told us the story of how she left her old life as a web designer behind to devote herself to founding and running One Girl. After being exposed to the plight of girls and women in Sierra Leone, she decided that something needed to be done.

The do it in a dress campaign sees both men and women wearing dresses while doing a range of activities, all in the name of raising much needed funds that are turned into educational scholarships for girls in Sierra Leone that would otherwise not have the chance at attending school.

Getting Involved

With the internet being a prolific tool in our society, every business is likely to have a website (or at least a Facebook Page) to help describe and promote their services, and this applies to charities and community organisations as well.

Much the same as Chantelle starting One Girl, many of these organisations are started after a personal experience and desire to make a difference in the global community. Some people spend much of their time working or volunteering for these organisations and communities, making a real difference in the lives of many people around the world.

But you don’t necessarily need to sell your home and move overseas to make a solid difference these days. The social web is creating an incredible base from which a lot of the work that charity organisations do can be coordinated, promoted and even supported.

The power of raising awareness cannot be discounted and social media presents an unprecedented ability for every member of society to join the fight for global equality, health education and more, all from their own keyboard or mobile device.

Rocket in the community

Rocket Registrations is still a young business, barely a year old, but we’re growing fast and have big plans for the future. Some of these plans obviously relate to our aspiration to be the premium provider of paperless company, trust and superannuation products in Australia but we have other plans for supporting our community and those that work hard to make it a better place.

Part of this was networking at the ProBlogger event and another important part is taking part in Blog Action Day. This doesn’t just end at writing a post and sharing it out, but getting involved in reading, sharing and supporting the other bloggers around the world working together to make our global community a better place to be.

Visit the Blog Action Day website to read more about the cause and visit their Tumblr blog to see all the different posts being shared from around the world.

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